Devangi Life

'Devangi-Atithya' ensures that you make your holiday experience richer by mingling with the local community and learning about their ways of life. The rich tradition and customs along with unique folk art forms of this historical place will only add to your wholesome experience.

"After all, no home stay experience is complete without being one among the native people."

Journey Back In Time

Devangi'-Atithya symbolizes aesthetic beauty and gentle hospitality. A grand vision of 'Devangi' family, it reinforces above 350 years of Devangi influence on the art and culture of this rich historical region. Our ancestral family house which is 350 year old, famed for its architectural marvels and sublime beauty, stands testimony to the craftsmanship of that era. This place beckons a wide array of tourist ranging from nature enthusiasts to solitude seekers.

Every part of this Devangi Athithya homestay takes you back to the era of finest Kannada literature, penned by the great poet of Karnataka, KuVemPu. It was here that the great poet penned down his immortal verses in the solitude of this greenery. Relive the history as 'Devangi-Atithya Homestay' houses a collection of rare photographs and innumerable historical artifacts belonging to KuVemPu and other notable personalities of the bygone era.

The inquisitive and scientific minds can learn the traditional art of wine making from the pulp of tender areca nut. And witness the process of rubber making, the plantations of which are spread across several acres of land.

Homestay Temperature

Season Minimum Maximum
Winter ( Oct. to Jan. ) 12ºC 29ºC
Summer ( Feb. to May ) 22ºC 32ºC
Monsoon ( June to Sep.) 19ºC 27ºC